Calvin Wellman

Calvin Wellman

Calvin’s achievements as a player include:

2020.  Calvin is off to a great start in 2020 winning 3 rounds of the USTA L3 and is getting stronger and is currently healthy.  He is looking forward to starting many ITF junior tournaments in March and April after the Delray Beach Open, which he is on the list of available hitters to warm up ATP qualifying players.

2019.  Calvin went to Argentina for 6 weeks to train and went 6-2 in international play and ITF junior competition

2018.  Calvin was number 7 in the State of Florida and 43 in the country.

Calvin’s parents are Brent and Belinda Wellman and he has two older sisters, Nicola & Angela Wellman.  

Thank you for making an Impact and helping Calvin to reach the next level!

Calvin in Action!