Friends of Match Point Impact

Friends of Match Point Impact

Thank you to all who have helped to send it forwards!

Grand Slam Champions (Sending it Forwards) $11,000-$20,000


Platinum Ball Sponsors $5,000-$10,000

Parkway Venture Capital

Courier Kids

Gold Ball Sponsors $2500-$4999

Bright Space

Steve Willoughby

Silver Ball Sponsors $750-$2499

Andre Refay

Ryder Erickson

ICL Academy Kirk Spahn

Cliff Rittel

Janice Aron

Bronze Ball Sponsors $250-$749

Fritz Meyer

Barry Mabe

Elisha Finocchietti

Philip Raeburn

Slinger Bags

PT Bench use code: matchpointimpact for 10% off

Performance Trophies


Thank you to all our friends who continue to send it forwards!!!