Welcome to Match Point Impact

Welcome to Match Point Impact

Welcome to Match Point Impact!

Match Point Impact focuses on:

  • Developing a competitive but loving heart
  • Service Leadership
  • Game Development

Our international coaching staff, with over 35 years of experience coaching elite and national teams, provides world renown training methodologies and mentorship at all ages and levels.

We have worked and mentored students from the ages of 5 years old all they way into top National and International rankings, top NCAA Division 1, 2, and 3 programs. and both the ATP and WTA circuits. In addition our players have represented their countries in National and International competition.

When a player enters our program they immediately have a sense of acceptance, well being, peace and fulfillment as their tennis is part of a bigger life mission. We work on a weekly basis to develop a love and respect towards our fellow competitors, coaches, and parents, while learning about our life purpose tied in with our passion for the game that we are playing.


Match Point Impact offers players both clay and hard court training options in what is considered to be one of the toughest year round training locations in the country (South Florida).  Why is it so tough? Well almost everyday it is Hot, Humid and Windy requiring players to work extra hard to get the most out of their games and themselves.

  • 12 Hard Courts (6 lit)
  • 6 Clay Courts (6 lit)
  • Turf Training Field
  • Sand Training
  • Pt Bench & PT Wall Training
  • Fully-Equipped Weight Room
  • Sunny, Hot, and Humid Florida Weather

USTA Junior Competitive Coach of the Year

Scotty Williams & Family, Director of Match Point Impact

Professional Tennis Players

Tommy Haas (Germany)

Professional players who are presently sending it forwards or will be sending it forwards to help other financially impacted players through Match Point Impact.

  • Tommy Haas (Germany) ATP World Tour Singles Ranking #2
  • Max Mirnyi (Belarus)  ATP World Tour Doubles Ranking #1
  • Gregg Hill (North Carolina) ATP World Tour Singles Ranking #643, Gregg played for USC.
  • Jean Rene Lisnard(France) ATP World Tour Singles Ranking #84
  • Pablo Campana (Ecuador) ATP World Tour Singles Ranking #165
  • Jim Thomas (Ohio) ATP World Tour Singles Ranking #288 Singles #29 Doubles, Graduated from Stanford and was on the NCAA Championship Team
  • David Harris (Great Britain) ATP World Tour Singles Ranking #622
  • Jon Venison (Great Britain) ATP World Tour Singles Ranking #769 Graduated from Columbia University.

These players were started on a professional pathway from a very young age. They were self driven and had a passion to play the game of tennis.

Gregg Hill (Serving) & Tommy Haas (Net) @ Delray Beach Championships

Student Athletes

Taking a moment to display an attitude of gratitude after clinching the Florida State Championships 2012

“Scott has done an amazing job with all three of my boys leading & guiding them physically, mentally, and spiritually.”
— Chris Evert # 1 WTA

The Student/Athletes listed below have been coached by Scotty Williams, have or still are making an impact in NCAA I, II, III College Tennis

  • Jaden Williams (Southern New Hampshire University) NE 10 Champions
  • Jasmine Williams  (Palm Beach Atlantic) 2019 FHSAA  Individual 1A State Doubles Champion ’11, 2018 ’10 & 2016 ‘9 Florida State Father/Daughter Champion
  • Jaden Williams   2018 Florida State Father/Son Champion ‘7
  • Christian Johnson  (Montreat College) ’12 District 1A Finalist
  • Clare Mckee  (Princeton) (USC) ’12
  • Reb Mariano (Assumption) ’12 to a Regional Final at position #1 Singles
  • Andrew Dykeman (Cornell) ’12 and Joey Brander (Fordham) 12′ to an individual state doubles runner-up title in 2014
  • Caroline Hsu (Wesleyan) 12′ to an individual state singles semi-finalist in 2014
  • Andrew Dykeman ’11 to an individual state singles runner-up title in 2013
  • Andrew Dykeman ’11 and Ross Weisman (University of Miami) ’12 to an individual state doubles runner-up title in 2013.
  • FHSAA Florida State Boy’s Team Champions 2012
  • Tony Russell (Southern Methodist University) Position #1 Florida State Singles Champion ’12
  • Andrew Dykeman Position #3 Florida State Singles Champion & #2 Doubles Champion ’10
  • Ross Weisman Position #5 Florida State Singles Champion ’11
  • Nicky Mill (Lynn University) Position #2 Florida State Doubles Champion ’12
  • FHSAA Florida State Girl’s Team Runner-Ups 2012
  • Virginia Peck-Phillips (Holy Cross) 11′ to a position #4 Florida State singles Champion
  • FHSAA Florida State Girl’s Team Champions 2011
  • Rebecca Siegler (Wake Forest/Emory) Position #1 Florida State Singles Champion ’12
  • Anika Novacek (Syracuse/Fordham) Position #2 Florida State Singles Champion ’12
  • Caroline Hsu Position #4 Florida State Singles Champion ‘9
  • Virginia Peck-Phillips (Holy Cross) Position #5 Florida State Singles Champion
  • Anika Novacek  11′ and Rebecca Siegler ’11 to an individual and overall State Doubles Championship title.
  • Zack Katz (Penn State) to an individual state semi-finalist in 2011 ’12
  • Anika Novacek ’11 to an individual state singles championship and runner-up overall title in 2007 ‘8
  • Drew Hill (Rollins College)
  • Elliott Daniels (George Washington)
  • Jim Thomas (Stanford)
  • Gregg Hill (USC)
  • Jon Venison (Columbia)
  • Andrew Finn (Hartford University)