South African Diversity Leadership (Serve)

South African Diversity Leadership (Serve)

Ryan Fitzwilliam has been serving children in one of the largest orphanages in South Africa. He has been using the platform of tennis to encourage and mentor them about having hope in their lives.

Player Development Director

(South Africa)

Ryan’s Fitzwilliam Job Duties:

-Lead and coordinate tennis training programs

-Travel Coach for tournaments

-Training Assistant Coaches and volunteers

There is an abundance of untapped tennis talent in South Africa. After viewing this first hand over the last 4 years (2017-2020) it is time to be there on a more full-time basis.

This training includes providing programs for the orphanage. The initiative includes scouting new talent, who possess positive character traits—the criteria needed to navigate the competitive tennis pathway and obtain college scholarships changing their lives forever!

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